Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally got the wind-vane through customs

Everything came together and I was able to get the new wind vane cleared through customs. What a colossal hassle.

Apparently warehouses where packages are stored rarely accept anything but money orders for their fees (I was charged for each day the package sat there waiting to get inspected and picked up). They don't take checks, cash, or credit cards. I ended up stopping at a gas station and noticed a "We Have Money Orders" sign on their window... this saved me a stop at a supermarket.

Unfortunately my customs broker didn't tell me they don't accept credit cards. I had to run out to another gas station and use an ATM to get cash for them.

After finally getting the package down to Sarasota from the Tampa airport i was ready to try an install but the rain was coming down and didn't stop all night. The install will have to wait a day or two.


Darrell said...

So, how much did this whole thing cost you?

Mick said...

same as darrell id like to know how much this thing ended up costing to get it to you

Dan Agle said...

Sadly, I don't recall all the numbers its been so long. I *think* is was around $2,900 total: $2,500 for the windvane and $400 for the misc customs charges. I might be off a by a hundred or so either way...

hi-Man said...

Hi sailing Judo,

Please can you get methe solution for the question you asked over Stack Overflow: How can I get a value of a property from an anonymous type?

Thanks Himanshu