Monday, December 29, 2008

Bath time!

Yesterday I decided to finally give the boat a good cleaning. I bought a 50' length of garden hose, some Simple Green cleaner, and a sturdy broom/brush at Walmart and headed down to the dock.

You have to use a little caution when cleaning a boat as everything you do goes straight to the water. My Aunt Mary had told me Simple Green was a good cleaner since its environmentally "not bad" and does a decent job of cleaning. While I am not generally a "Green" type of person I think I will being leaning in that direction in the future. Most cruising sailors tend to become so simply because its part of the lifestyle (ie, solar panels for power, less plastic because you can't throw it overboard, etc).

My little rented dock space has power and water but I have to provide my own cables and hose. The cable I already had (came with the boat, thank goodness) but the hose was a new and necessary purchase. Not only is it handy for cleaning the boat but now I can finally refill my fresh water tank.

The cleaning job went pretty quickly... one of the small benefits of only have a 27' boat. Mostly I just had to remove a lot of bird poop off the deck. Afterward. as I was stowing everything, I found a near duplicate of the brush I had just bought. Sigh. That would have saved me $7 if I had seen that before.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Other Blog

A quick note to point out that I made a second blog. Its generally technical in nature so it won't interest most people.

However, I *did* just post about the game I made. It a lot of fun and everyone can download it. If you have comments, please feel free to leave them on the other blog so I can find them.